About Magic, Aista and Hyperlambda

Aista Magic Cloud and Hyperlambda is developed and maintained by Aista Ltd, a privately held company in Cyprus, focusing on cloud, software development automation, artificial intelligence, and Low-Code frameworks. The entire codebase is open source, and you can use Magic and Hyperlambda in your own proprietary (closed source) projects as long as you contribute back any improvements to the core itself. Due to its modularised architecture, you would probably want to follow this recipe if you want to clone Magic.

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About Aista

Aista, Ltd is a company based in Cyprus, in Limassol. We’re a small startup with a handful of employees, and we are delivering services based upon our internally created Open Source flagship product called “Aista Magic Cloud”.

About Aista Magic Cloud

Magic was originally created by Thomas Hansen our CEO as a “hobby project”, to solve the repetetive tasks he experienced himself as an enterprise software developer within the FinTech space, but at some point Magic became such a solid product that we decided to start a company around it and look for funding. Hyperlambda is currently documented at Microsoft’s website, it has 1.5 million page views at DZone, and it’s got roughly 4 million downloads of its NuGet packages. If you want to write an article about Aista Magic Cloud, or you belong to the press, you can use the logo below.

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