NoSQL support in Hyperlambda

23 Jan 2022 - thomas

We just created a new release of Magic, and its main feature is that Magic and Hyperlambda now supports NoSQL database types, such as Cassandra and ScyllaDB through a CQL data adapter. The way it works can probably be better illustrated with a snippet of code.

cql.connect:[generic|space]"select * from table where column = 'foo/bar'"

The above assumes you’ve got a cql configuration section in your “appsettings.json” file resembling the following.

  "magic": {
    "cql": {
      "generic": {
        "host": ""

If you add the above configuration to your instance, and exchange the “space” parts of the [cql.connect] slot invocation above with an existing keyspace, and select something from an actual existing table in the above select query, the above will actually return data from a NoSQL CQL compliant database of your choice, such as Cassandra or ScyllaDB. In addition, it is also possible to configure Magic to log towards your NoSQL database as of version 10.0.19. Refer to the documentation for details about how to configure this. The above link also describes how to use a “virtual file system” in Magic, storing files and folders in for instance ScyllaDB. The latter of course being a pre-requisite for making Magic 100% “stateless”, facilitating for load balancing your Magic instances through for instance a Kubernetes cluster and similar things.