Teach yourself A New Programming Language In An Hour

07 Jan 2022 - thomas

We have just now cleaned up all of our Hyperlambda and Magic tutorials here the last week, and having gone through all of these myself today, I would claim that an existing software developer could easily roundtrip the entire list of Hyperlambda tutorials in roughly one hour. Since these tutorials goes through most of Hyperlambda, and the helper slots in Magic related to the programming language, this implies that you can teach yourself an entirely new way of creating software in roughly one hour.

The reasons why this is worth while, is because Hyperlambda is literally ridiculously simple to understand. It’s got no async constructs, no classes, no OOP, no typing, no constructors, no manual memory allocation, etc, etc, etc - Just plain simple logic, super easy to apply, without any complex constructs coming in between you and your business logic. This results in that on average, you can do roughly 10 times as much with Hyperlambda as you can do with any other programming language given the same amount of code.

Since several scientific studies have concluded with that the amount of cognitive energy and resources you need to apply to solving a problem is directly proportional to the number of lines of code in your end solution, this implies you can do 10 times as much with Hyperlambda as you can do with any other programming language, given the same amount of resources. Basically translating into making you 10 times more productive. Hence, if you’ve got a plan for learning something new in 2022, may I suggest you teach yourself at least one new programming language? At which point I would deeply encourage you to put Hyperlambda at the top of your list. As of today, this should be really easily achieved, since our tutorials sections has now basically had a complete cleanup, and partial rewrite, making it that much easier for you.

Of course, a large part of the reasons why Hyperlambda is 10 times less complicated and easier to learn, in addition to being 10 times more productive than other programming languages, is because with Hyperlambda your computer does most of the work for you, 100% automatically - Something you can see due to the fact of that within 30 seconds after having started on your first tutorial, you’ve already got possibly tens of thousands of lines of code - Something that in a more traditional programming language typically would require half a dozen of developers working for a handful of months to achieve.