Administrating users

The users component allows you to manage and administrate users in your system, and/or create new users, and grant access to your backend somehow. Below is a screenshot of the component.

Users in Magic

Notice, this component is especially interesting combined with the registration component, allowing others to registers in your backend, for then to have a root-user/system-administrator grant access to the newly registered user according to whatever role the new user should be associated with. To create a new user manually click the plus button in the top/right corner of the component. You can also impersonate users, create reset password links for users, lock out users from the system, in addition to a lot of other user related administration tasks from this component.

Registering users

Magic allows anybody to easily register in your backend. By default the user will not have access to anything before a “root” user has granted access, and such registered users have to provide a valid email address to register, but after the email is verified an existing root user can grant access to whatever he wants the newly created user to be able to access. Below is a screenshot of how registering in Magic typically looks like.

Registering as a new user in Magic

This article describes how you can take advantage of the integrated registration features in Magic. However, you can also use the Magic dashboard registration component shown above to have others sign up to become users in your Magic server.