Greased Lightning!!

22 Feb 2022 - thomas

Yet another “miracle release” from Aista. This time the focus was weeding out the remaining UI issues, particularly related to phones and devices, implying Hyper IDE and the whole shebang now works 100% perfectly on your phone. In addition we’ve increased the speed of the thing, literally by somewhere between 25 to 50 times once deployed to a server, by GZIP’ing static content, turning on aggressive caching, removing redundant HTTP requests, reducing size of HTTP requests, etc, etc, etc.

In addition we’ve updated all frontend components to latest versions, created a far better navigation structure, both the primary navigation, and the internal Hyper IDE navigation, etc, etc, etc. All in all we’re pretty happy about it, hopefully so will you be.

Psst, still 100% Open Source ;)