A low-code CRUD generator

Aista Magic Cloud is a low-code CRUD generator allowing you to generate your CRUD apps by clicking a button. It works by automatically wrapping your existing database into Hyperlambda HTTP CRUD web API endpoints. Magic Cloud is 100% open source and you can freely use it in your closed source projects.

CRUD API generator

Magic supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL, in addition to having basic NoSQL support. Magic contains its own DSL called Hyperlambda, similar to YAML in structure, allowing you to “declare” your logic with a syntax resembling YAML. This makes it a perfect “first programming” language due to that it’s an extremely high level abstraction eliminating most of the problems from traditional programming languages. You can easily teach yourself Hyperlambda in a couple of hours.

Hyper IDE, a web based IDE

Magic also contains its own IDE or integrated development environment, a fully fledged web based IDE accessible from your phone if required. Hyper IDE provides syntax highlighting for most popular programming languages, in addition to autocomplete for Hyperlambda. With Hyper IDE you can edit your code, save it, and immediately execute your endpoints - And even automatically generate unit tests afterwards.

Magic's Hyper IDE

Web based SQL “Workbench”

In addition to the above, Magic contains a web based SQL “workbench”, allowing you to execute SQL towards your database of choice. This component works transparently towards SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and allows you to save frequently used SQL snippets, and do basic administration of your databases. The SQL component in Magic supports syntax highlighting on your tables, autocomplete, and most other features you would expect from an SQL Workbench type of component. The SQL Workbench works perfectly on any device you might have allowing you to administrate your databases from your phone if required.

Magic's web based SQL Workbench

You can also create your HTTP endpoints using nothing but SQL with Magic. Although it’s obviously more convenient to use a desktop computers as your primary development machine, you can use all components in Magic from your phone if required. Below is a video where we demonstrate the Crudifier and Hyper IDE from an iPhone.