What is Aista Magic Cloud?

Aista Magic Cloud, or Magic for short, is a software development platform that creates most of your code “automagically”, by leveraging meta programming, declarative programming, artificial intelligence, and low-code software development automation. This allows you to focus on creative tasks, while having the machine implement the boring parts. Aista Magic Cloud is open source, but AISTA.COM also offers hosting of Magic for a monthly fee.

Why use Aista Magic Cloud?

As a software developer typically 80% of your job is literally so simple that it can be replaced with artificial intelligence and software development automation, based upon meta programming constructs. This results in more secure and robust solutions, with less bugs, better scaling, and more freedom for you to pursue more creative tasks. In general Aista Magic Cloud makes you at least 5 times as productive, sometimes hundreds of times more productive.

What can I create with Magic?

Aista Magic Cloud is not suitable for all tasks. Its primary strength is for generating backend code, that is database heavy in nature, and/or integrates with other web APIs. However, when you can use Magic, it easily saves you 80% of your time, and sometimes it will save you 95% of your time and resources, depending upon your requirements. Below are some examples of apps where it makes sense to use Magic.

As an example of how useful Magic is, realise that at Aista we built our entire hub using nothing but Magic and Hyperlambda. This saved us roughly 90% of the resource requirements we would have needed if we were to create the same system using for instance GoLang, Python or PHP.

Custom ChatGPT website chatbots

You can use Magic to create your own custom ChatGPT chatbot in minutes, for then to embed it into your website in some few seconds. The Chatbot Wizard component in Magic will ask you for your OpenAI API key, your Google reCAPTCHA settings, for then to allow you to scrape your website generating a custom machine learning model in the process. This model allows your users to ask questions related to your website, and have the chatbot answer how you want it to answer questions. Want to have a chatbot that tells your users you’re the President of China? No problem, it’s a 5 minute job for Magic.

Custom ChatGPT website chatbot

It works by scraping your website, generating training data in the process, for then to end up with a custom machine learning model that answers questions according to your training data. You can try out such a chatbot by clicking the button on the bottom right corner of this page, and ask it any question related to AISTA, Magic Cloud or Hyperlambda. This chatbot was created by scraping this website.

The backend generator

The backend generator allows you to wrap any database you have in CRUD API endpoints in some few seconds. It reads meta data from your database, and automatically generates a web API for you, producing thousands of lines of code for you in the process. The generated API is secured according to your instructions, and can be used as the foundation for your own frontend.

Backend generator

The web API generator takes care of left joins, referential integrity, validators, authentication and authorisation, while allowing you to declaratively tell it how to generate your API. It also allows you to publish web socket messages as endpoints are invoked, in addition to having tons of additional features simplifying your life as a software developer. If your endpoints are simple wrappers around your database, the endpoint generator can do 100% of your job automagically.

The SQL endpoint generator

Magic allows you to create HTTP endpoints using SQL. This allows you to compose some SQL statement, and rapidly wrap it inside an HTTP endpoint. You can find this component in the Endpoint Generator, in its “SQL Endpoint Generator” tab. Choose your database, provide some SQL, add arguments that you reference in your SQL, and click the “Generate” button.

Creating a Web API using SQL

The SQL API generator allows you to secure your endpoints, declare what arguments your endpoint can handle, use all 5 most common HTTP verbs for your endpoints, etc. You can use it with SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL or SQLite - However, you need to write SQL that is valid for your particular database type as you create your endpoints. Some use cases can be found below.

SQL Studio

Magic allows you to visually design your database using a graphical user interface. No need to mess with complex SQL DDL. Use SQL Studio to visually design your database and save hours of searching the web for the correct syntax to use when creating foreign keys or needing other constructs rarely if ever remembered by the human brain. SQL Studio supports the following databases.

Aista's SQL Studio database designer

SQL Studio also allows you to execute any SQL towards your database of choice, giving you superior database management tools, allowing you to administer your databases from anywhere in the world. By combining SQL Studio with the backend generator, and especially the SQL API generator, you can compose some SQL, and wrap it into a web API endpoint in seconds.

SQL Studio

Are you an expert DB admin, but have no knowledge of backend programming? No problem, wrap your SQL into a web API endpoint 100% automagically with zero coding besides providing the SQL generator with some SQL you want it to execute as your endpoint is invoked.

Hyper IDE

Magic also contains its own IDE or integrated development environment. Hyper IDE provides syntax highlighting for most popular programming languages, in addition to autocomplete for Hyperlambda. With Hyper IDE you can edit your code, save it, and immediately see the result of your modifications by executing your endpoint without ever having to leave your IDE.

Magic's Hyper IDE

The real power of the backend generator is that it generates code you can edit, with a declarative programming language called Hyperlambda. If you need to add business logic to your generated CRUD endpoints, this is easily achieved using Hyper IDE.

Hyper IDE also integrates perfectly with our Machine Learning component, built on top of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, allowing you to write your requests in plain English, and have Hyper IDE and ChatGPT automatically generate code for you solving your problem.

Machine Learning and AI

Aista Magic Cloud is scattered with AI and allows you to generate your own Machine Learning models in seconds, by scraping any website, and generating training data for you that you can use to create your own ChatGPT model, answering questions related to your domain. Need a chat bot for your company answering questions about your company or domain? That’s a 5 seconds job for Aista Magic Cloud as long as you have an existing website, and/or structured training data you can upload to your cloudlet. Use cases might be.

Magic's Machine Learning parts

Creating a Machine Learning training model is incredibly difficult unless you know what you’re doing. With Aista Magic Cloud it becomes 1,000 times easier, and you can literally do it by pointing Aista to your existing website, have our web scraper crawl your website, resulting in a custom AI expert system model in some few seconds.

The frontend generator

In addition to the backend web API generator, Aista also contains a frontend generator, that creates a fully functional frontend web application for you in seconds. The generated code is perfect Angular code, and can be modified according to your needs after the generator is done.

Frontend generator

The generated frontend will be secured with authentication and authorisation, and wrap all your database tables with UI components required to create, read, update and delete records from your database. The frontend generator will also create autocomplete components with searching and filtering capabilities for referenced tables with foreign keys, take care of types for you automatically, and basically provide you with a starter kit solving 80% of your frontend software development problems before you have to write a single line of code.

User management

Aista Magic Cloud allows you to administer your users easily, by giving you a graphical user interface, allowing you to manage your application’s users and roles, using a role based access control (RBAC) component. Import users from your existing system, provide access to modules and components according to what roles your users belongs to, and make sure only authorised users have access to private and secured data.

Users and roles administration in Magic

The user and role systemin Magic is based upon RBAC implying Role Based Access Control, allowing you to provide access to components and modules based upon roles, for then to associate roles with users.

The task scheduler

Aista Magic Cloud allows you to create and administer tasks. A task is a background job, that is persisted into your database as Hyperlambda, and it can either be executed by a “trigger” occurring somewhere else in your system, or periodically scheduled to execute repeatedly, or at some specific date and time in the future. The task scheduler allows you to easily manage your tasks, edit them, and create new tasks as you see fit.

Hyperlambda task scheduler

Due to its dynamic nature, the task scheduler is also a perfect foundation for your own business process workflows, where functionality is dynamically built and executed by “triggers” occurring in your own code.


Aista Magic Cloud also contains its own “marketplace” allowing you to rapidly install some plugin solving some particular need you might have in your own applications. Some example plugins are listed below;

Magic's plugins

The integrated log

Aista Magic Cloud also comes with an integrated log component, allowing you to browse your server log, giving you control over events occurring that might somehow have consequences for your system.

Magic log

When you create your own Hyperlambda applications, you can also create log entries as you see fit, to log important events, such as deleting records, executing tasks, registering users, etc.

Aista Magic Cloud is Open Source

Aista Magic Cloud is 100% open source, and you can use it free of charge in proprietary projects as you see fit. You can find its code at GitHub, and we accept pull requests for it if your code is high quality. We also provide docker images for Magic, allowing you to install it locally in seconds without having to mess with dependencies, such as the .Net CLI and NodeJS. However, the fastest way to get started with Magic is to create a free 7 day trial cloudlet at AISTA.COM.

How to get started

You can of course download the open source code from GitHub, but the easiest way to get started immediately is to simply register at AISTA.COM, at which point you’ll get a free 30 days trial cloudlet, with security, CDN, automatically configured with all best practices applied out of the box. We do charge a fee for such cloudlets, but we also provide 30 days trial cloudlets for free, without asking you for anything else but your email address.

Primary features of Aista Magic Cloud

Below is a more or less complete list of Aista Magic Cloud’s frontend UI components and features, allowing you to graphically administrate your Magic installation.