Aista Magic Cloud Roadmap

31 Jan 2022 - thomas

Before I tell you our plans for the next 5 months, let me bring you down the memory lane in regards to what we’ve done the last 7 months. Why the last 7 months you may ask? Because I quit my day job in June of 2021, so what we’ve done so far should give you a nice pointer in regards to how much we’ll be able to do over the next 5 months. Also realize that until 1st of December I was literally alone, and we’re now a team of 3 full time working developers pulling in the same direction - So obviously things will be faster in the future than they were in the past.

What we did in 7 months

All in all, we’ve created more than 50 releases the last 7 months. The reasons why this is important to understand, is because it speaks about the project’s velocity, implying it also speaks about how much ground you can assume we’ll cover in the next 5 months. This time of course with 3 full time developers, instead of only one.


Almost every single feature in the above list was not something I wanted myself, or something I did because I thought it was cool, but most of the above features were in fact things our partners asked us for. Hence, we have no specific roadmap, since it tends to crash with what our customers and partners wants from us, and we’d rather create what you want than what we want. However, if you need something, we’re never more than one email away, and although I hate to make promises, I tend to try my best to deliver that which others are asking us for, assuming they can formulate their requests in such a way that I can transform their feature requests into code somehow. Hence, got a feature request? Shoot us an email!

Why we don’t publish our roadmap?

A Norwegian guy once sold strawberries for his father. He was 5 years old, but couldn’t sell a single strawberry, so he went to his father whom he was selling strawberries for and asked for some “better strawberries”, saying the following to his father.

Dad, I can’t sell my strawberries. The other guys on the market have better berries, and are selling their berries for less. I need some new strawberries

His father’s answer was; “Son, you have to sell the berries you’ve got”. That Norwegian guy is a billionaire today because of listening to his father’s advice. If you want future fata morgana stuff, by people over promising and under delivering, we’re not it! We’ll sell the berries we’ve got. However, I think our berries are pretty amazing, don’t you …?

When that’s said, I would like to repeat that we are still very much interested in hearing from you how our next strawberry season should look like … ;)

So why don’t YOU give me a roadmap instead? It’ll probably result in much more juicy berries I presume … ^_^