The Fastest way to learn Angular

08 Mar 2022 - thomas

For weird reasons the fastest way to learn something new is rarely if ever a straight line. The most famous version of this idea can be seen in the video Karate Kid, where a young boy is taught how to “vax on vax off” for weeks, without even realising he was learning how to block. In the video below I am illustrating a similar path, but not the path to black belt in Karate, rather the path to black belt in Angular you might say.

The reasons for this particular edge when it comes to Angular is because if you want to learn Angular for real, you will at some point need a backend to store and retrieve data to and from. Of course if all you want to learn is Angular, spending 5 years learning Go or C# simply to have a backend before you can create “Hello World” in Angular is probably not a path most of us can afford. Hence, we therefor have to remove that obstacle first. Vax on, vax off, Angular style coming up …

11 minutes and 6 seconds later and you can now start figuring out how to use your backend in Angular … ;)