Parsing Hyperlambda using Magic

This is the Hyperlambda parser and generator in Magic. More specifically, this project provides you with the following two slots.

Using these slots, you can both easily create, serialize, and parse Hyperlambda to lambda, and vice versa. Below is an example of parsing a piece of text as Hyperlambda, for then to dynamically execute it afterwards.

.hl:@"""This was logged from a piece of text"""



You can also reverse the process, such as the following illustrates.

.hl is some example logging invocation


The above two slots, allows you to dynamically generate plain text from a lambda structure, and vice versa, allowing you to for instance persist execution objects and structured data into files, your database, or for that matter transmit it over the network to another machine. Below is an example of dynamically loading a Hyperlambda file from disc, for then to execute it. Notice, in order to have the following snippet work, you’ll need an actual file called “foo.hl” inside of your backend’s “files/” folder.




Notice - Both of these slots can optionally be given a [comments] arguments with a value of true, at which point both [lambda2hyper] and [hyper2lambda] will preserve comments, and persist these as [..] nodes into your lambda, and reverse the process for the other direction. This allows you to keep the comments of your Hyperlambda parts as semantic nodes, as you handle your Hyperlambda and node hierarchy.

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The source code for this repository can be found at, and you can provide feedback, provide bug reports, etc at the same place.

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