magic.lambda.json - Parsing and creating JSON from Hyperlambda

This project provides JSON helper slots for Magic. More specifically, it provides the following slots.

How to use [json2lambda] and [lambda2json]

.json:@"{""property"": ""value""}"

The [lambda2json] slot can optionally take a [format] argument, with a boolean “true” value, which implies the resulting JSON will be indented and nicely formated, making it more readable.

Notice - Although all JSON can be transformed into lambda, the opposite is not necessarily true. This is because lambda allows for having multiple nodes with the same name for instance, which would result in a JSON object with multiple properties having the same key. Hence, have this in mind as you persist your lambda objects into JSON.

How to use [yaml2lambda] and [lambda2yaml]

The [yaml2lambda] slot converts a YAML input string to a lambda object. Since YAML arguably is just another representation of JSON, these slot have been added to this project. Notice, the same constraints applies for YAML as does for JSON, implying a YAML string can always be converted to a lambda object, but the opposite is not necessary true. Basic usage is as follows.

foo: howdy
bar: jo
howdy: !!bool true
- howdy
- some

The above will result in the following.

lambda2yaml: /* ... YAML content ... */

Internally the [yaml2lambda] slot first converts the input YAML to JSON, for then to use the [json2lambda] logic, ensuring the exact same result, regardless of whether or not you start out with JSON or YAML.

How to use [yaml2json] and [json2yaml]

The [yaml2json] slot converts the specified YAML input string to a JSON string. Basic usage is as follows.

.yaml:@"foo: howdy
bar: jo
howdy: !!bool true
- howdy
- some

The above results in the following.

  "foo": "howdy",
  "bar": "jo",
  "howdy": true,
  "children": [
    "howdy", "some"

Notice, the above have been formatted for brevity. The actual JSON result will not be formatted, or having indentation to ensure result is as compact as possible.

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