Create a frontend web app in 1 second

This component allows you to automatically generate a frontend wrapping your previously generated backend. The idea of the process is that it provides you with a starting place for your own frontend code, allowing you to modify the result of this operation as you see fit, to accommodate for whatever business requirements you might have. Below is a screenshot of the component.

CRUD frontend generator

As you generate your frontend you can also optionally supply it with a deployment domain and a backend API URL, which if correctly provided will allow you to immediately deploy your frontend using the integrated Docker files. Below is a screenshot of a frontend generated using this process.

A generated CRUD frontend

Your generated frontend will support filtering, paging, creating new database records, editing existing records, deleting records, in addition to localisation/translation and authorisation/authentication. To test your generated frontend locally, make sure you’ve got NodeJS and Angular installed, and write the following into a terminal prompt where your frontend was unzipped.

npm i
ng serve

Depending upon which template you choose you can also override settings for your end result, such as colours, themes, which modules and components to generate frontend components for, etc. What code is being generated depends upon your specific template, and Magic allows you to create your own templates too - However, the integrated Angular template(s) generates high quality code, following all TSLint standards, allowing you to easily understand and modify it as you see fit.