Persist and schedule tasks

The tasks component allows you to create and administrate persisted Hyperlambda tasks, and/or schedule tasks for executing, either in a repeating pattern somehow, or at an exact date and time in the future. To understand how the task scheduler works you can refer to this document. Below is a screenshot of the component.

Hyperlambda task scheduler

The idea of the task scheduler is first of all to allow for creating dynamically persisted tasks that can be triggered by some future event, facilitating for “Business Process Workflows” - In addition to scheduling your tasks to be executed at some specific date and time in the future, and/or in a repeating fashion.


The task scheduler will persist your tasks into its Magic’s database in the table called “tasks”, in addition to your “task_due” table for schedules. This implies that even if your server for some reasons “drops”, and/or is rebooted, the tasks will automatically be re-scheduled as your server restarts.